Alcare First Aid Box with Contents A

– Contents as per MOM Regulation
– Suitable for Office, Warehouse and Commercial Buildings
– Recommended for use where the number of workers does not exceed 25 in a workplace or for every 25 workers.
– Vendor Code: 10342-10118

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Plastic Box Size: 13″x9″x5″(33×22.8×12.5cm)
1 x Handy Plaster (Plastic) 20’s
1 x Handicrepe 5cm x 4.5yard
1 x Handicrepe 10cm x 4.5yard
5 x Gauze Swab 8ply 7.5cm x 7.5cm 10″
1 x Handipore Hypoallergenic Tape 0.5 x 10yard
4 x Triangular Bandage
1 x Shear Bandage Scissor
1 x Safety Pins Bundle
2 x Disposable Glove Single Pair
2 x Eye Sheild Plastic (Clear)
2 x Eye Pad Sterile 8cm x 6 cm
1 x Disposable CPR Kit
1 x Pentorch Diagnostic
5 x Water for Injection B.P 20ml
1 x First Aid Hint