Car Pro X

Reusable for up to 30 car fires

Suitable for professional firefighters and other organizations that may have to deal with multiple fires. Blocks and isolate fire in electric vehicles.

Size: ± 6×8 m
Weight: ± 28 kg

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• Controls fire in any car within seconds.
• The most efficient solution for isolating fire
in electric vehicles.
• Suitable for normal size vehicles including SUVs,
like the Volvo XC90 and Land Rovers.

Ideal for:
Places with a high concentration of cars such as:
Parking lots – Garages – Ferries – Gas stations –
Charging stations – Workshops– Car dealers – Tunnels


Lithium battery
Always fold the blanket to create two layers of the
blanket, when using it on open lithium batteries.
• Quickly blocks the fire in Lithium battery
• Prevents spread of fire

Ideal for:
Manufactures – Electric bikes – Electric tools – Shipping
involving lithium battery – Ferries – Trains – Trucks


For proactive use on a burning building
When attached to the wall (before the wall is burning)
you create a firewall making this the last wall to fall due
to the block of oxygen from the outside.

How to attach:
The blanket can be stapled on the wall.


For a building you want to protect
Blocks most of the radiant heat.

How to attach:
• Hang the blanket on metal gutters with carabiners
using the eyelets of the blanket.
• Staple the blanket to a wooden wall.
• Hang the blanket using fireproof ropes from the eyelets
to anything you can tie to.

Ideal for:
Areas with a high density of buildings – Listed buildings
– Buildings with historical value – Fire Stations